A common question keeps arising in the mind of the borrower looking for a loan from a direct lender – are online loan lenders a better choice or are the lenders based out of stores or pawn shops? Through this article, we provide you the details of what is helping the online loan lenders a preferred choice for the vast majority and whether this is a healthy trend or not.

To clear any air of ambiguity, we shall start with mentioning that this article does not cover traditional/bank loans and mortgage brokers. It is only aimed at helping readers make an informed decision while looking a loan from an online or a store based direct lender.

Online Direct Lenders vs. Store Based Lenders

Online direct lenders have been growing in prominence since the beginning of their presence in the market almost two decades ago. Store based direct lenders on the other hand, have seen a loss in market share during this same time, almost inversely to the growth of the former. A simple look at the advantages of the two, may provide reasons that explain why.

Advantages of Online Direct Lending

  1. Easily accessible for the borrower
  2. Paperless, Faxless loan processes
  3. Higher competition gets customers better deals and service
  4. Easier for borrowers to know which lenders are genuine, thanks to online feedback and reviews
  5. Typically faster loan approval
  6. 24 x 7 availability of applications

Advantages of Store Based Lending

  1. Physical presence is reassuring for some borrowers
  2. Paperwork gives confidence to some borrowers
  3. Presence in a location with high footfall may help grow the business well.

Can I Get an Online Loan if I have Bad Credit?

Many online direct lenders accept bad credit scores and some even provide loans with no credit checks. We at CashAmericaToday, accept credit scores as poor as 300 as well.

To ensure a safe borrowing transaction, we provide low credit score holders with short term loans only, for the purpose which income can almost be an equally strong indicator of creditworthiness as is the credit score.

Need a Loan on the Same Day? Online Loans are Probably Your Best Bet

Unless you have a pre-approved loan like a credit card cash advance available as an option to you, a loan is typically something you may need to apply for, days or even weeks before you actually need the money.

However, some online direct lenders having strong processes and financial preparations, might be able to deliver your loans within a single day provided you meet the eligibility criteria and provided that your details and documents as required for the loan, are clear, complete and easily verifiable.

At CashAmericaToday, we take pride in being one of the best performing lenders with a high approval rate as well as a low turn-around-time of loan requests.

Are the APRs of Online Loans Different from Store Based Ones?

The charges and rates of interest on direct lender loans are regulated by state governments. What you shall be charged for such a loan depends on the state that you are based in.

That said, lenders have the discretion to charge a lower amount that the legal limit and given the immense competition online, it is more likely that an applicant gets a discounted deal from an online lender versus a store based lender who may face limited competition.

That said, it is also important for borrowers to ensure they stay away from attractive seeming deals which may be misguiding or illegitimate. If a deal or an offer seems to be too attractive, there could be a catch to it.

The Best Online Loans are Safe and Easy to get

Dealing with a trustworthy online direct lender is typically an easy task and only when you’re confident about your lender, would you consider them trustworthy. At CashAmericaToday, we have secured years trust with our frequent customers, who find it safe to deal with us, and continue to choose our services as we remain grateful for their loyalty.

We believe that the best online loans come with safety and ease for the borrowers which is what makes a lender’s presence in the market grow over time. Should you be looking for a loan any time soon, we welcome you to fill in our online loan application form, which helps us connect with you as we strive to deliver a pleasant experience to you, and fulfil your financial need securely.

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