Credit Monitoring AppsThe credit rating system may seem intimidating. Once you understand a little about it though, things start to become manageable. Everyone out there knows that a good credit score is beneficial in more than just one way and a bad credit score imposes a lot of limitations in one’s life beyond just the obvious. So, it’s important to be in control of one’s credit performance. Moreover, credit reporting is not flawless which makes it all the more important to even keep an eye on credit scores and history.

Today, we share 4 great apps that help you track your credit performance and scores so you can monitor and also learn to keep them healthy.

When You Can Track It, You Can Also Hack It

It is indeed true that it’s easier to manage things that you can measure. When it comes to your credit score that’s very much dynamic, managing it often starts with tracking it and noticing more about the way it works. Eventually, it becomes easy enough to understand and hence easier to manage it. A few years of understanding your credit and finances and keeping a close eye on them often leads to being well in control of them. Additionally, it becomes easy to spot mistakes and errors which sometimes are the reason behind a bad credit score and any such errors certainly need to be ironed out.


4 Best Apps for Credit Monitoring

There are many apps out there – some great and some absolutely bogus – that may help you keep a close watch on your credit performances and give you other related insights. Here are 4 of our top picks.

1. PrivacyGuard

One of the most popular and best-rated apps out there, PrivacyGuard doesn’t just allow you to monitor your credit performance but also helps you keep an eye on other aspects related to privacy and identity. Depending upon the plan you choose, you can get monthly bureau reports, score tracking, 24×7 monitoring, and more.


MyFICO offers similar reports as PrivacyGuard, but it also offers a single-bureau tracking with Experian alone, for an affordable deal. It’s a common choice and from within the app, it also provides educational features that help you understand the credit system better and stay up-to-date with changes and revisions in policies.

3. Credit Karma

Another very useful tool, Credit Karma apart from tracking features also offers personalized “relief roadmaps” that connect you with debt relief options and government support systems which may help you manage challenging credit situations.

4. IdentityForce

Featuring attractive deals and multiple package options from individuals as well as families, IdentityForce provides a feature-rich platform to manage your identity and credit tracking closely. It has both business and personal options with features designed specifically for each.

Why Work on Your Credit Score?

Credit scores can be a great tool for devastation. A good credit score can be invaluable while a bad credit score can be a real burden. From renting houses to paying electricity bills; from getting employment opportunities to getting business financing; from getting a home loan to getting a personal loan and from getting insurance policies to getting credit card options – much in today’s life is dependent upon the credit history and scores that one possesses.

Many choices today become reasonable for good credit score holders while they become virtually impossible for bad credit score holders.

If you have a credit score that isn’t great, you can get great benefits by working on your credit score diligently and improving it over time.

If you already have a great credit score, you can benefit by monitoring your credit performance in the future to ensure they don’t drop and also to ensure no errors impact them.

Get a Loan No Matter What Your Credit Score Is

We at CashAmericaToday provide loans that are approved based primarily upon your income. These short-term loans do not get impacted by credit scores because when it comes to short-term loan repayment ability, one’s income is likely to be a better indicator. Hence with us, you can get a loan no matter what your credit scores are. Simply apply and we shall work with you towards a loan offer that best suits your needs and finances.

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