Gone are the days when traditional loans from banks or credit unions were the only source of funding. Technological advancements have unfailingly touched the lending sector too. To make the process more convenient and faster for both lenders and borrowers, online lending has come into existence. Like any other change, change in the lending was not that easy. However, there are certain myths that are preventing borrowers from applying for online loans such as:

  • Online personal loans
  • Online installment loans
  • Payday loans online
  • Online business loans

Being apprehensive about online loan services is natural; after all, money matters matter the most, given the unexpected financial situations life throws at you. Never worry! We are here to debunk the common myths about loans online.

Myth#1 Outstanding credit score is required for an online loan approval

Credit score matters when you need an affordable loan; but it does not mean you cannot qualify for online cash loan at all. There are many online lenders that offer fast loans online even for borrowers with poor credit score.

These financial saviors are called bad credit online loans lenders. Different lending companies offer unique poor credit loans tailored to suit your need; be it personal, payday or installment loans. However, it is true that with a low credit, you cannot secure a lower interest rate loan.

For lenders, poor credit is a factor of risk. Having a higher credit score can decrease the overall cost of your instant money loan when applied online.

TIP: Pay your bills timely, to improve your credit score.

Myth#2 All online lenders charge the same

This is utterly wrong. All lenders online do not work the same way and do not charge similarly. According to financial advisors, it is a wrong idea to compare lenders based on the interest charged.

Many lenders online charge additional fees or involve hidden fees in their lending process. Few lending companies, to win customer loyalty and make it affordable, do not charge any origination fee that usually ranges from 1% to 5% of the loan total.

Therefore, when comparing several lenders, take into account the late payment fees, NSF fees (when there are not enough funds in your account in case of automated payment), and prepayment penalty (in case you pay off early) also.

TIP: Consider the overall cost of online money loan and not just interest rate.

Myth#3 Online loans are not safe

This is one of the greatest pesky myth you have ever heard. Because, the online loan process is the safest, provided you deal with a reputed and legitimate online lender that guarantee the privacy of your data.

With technological innovation in lending security, almost all trusted lenders offering loans online employ the highest security standards or data encryption techniques to protect your sensitive loan information from unauthorized access. Besides, they do not trade off your personal information to brokers or loan agents.