Qualifying for Small Cash Loans

For every other –sometimes even all- small and temporary cash crisis people depend on small cash advances. Some lenders lend money with very short termed (up to the coming paycheck day) payday loans, and some lenders give little longer term with installment loans. These funding are comparatively easier to qualify than large scale funding like mortgages or car loans. It does not mean that there are no qualification criteria set by the lenders. Yes, most of the important eligibility requirements are lender specific in these emergency funding.
Irrespective of who is your payday lender, it must ask for your Social Security Number, Driver’s license and age proof (18 or more is accepted as a legitimate borrower). The next priority is having the income proof- to establish the payment ability of the potential borrower. This totally makes sense because the ender does not want to lose its money. However, the requirement of a good credit is lender specific, and not mandatory. However, most lenders stress on a good credit, and many borrowers do not get funded with a bad credit.

Can You Get a Payday Loan If You Have Bad Credit?

Unfortunately, if you ask most lenders that if you can take out a payday loan with a bad credit, the answer would be no. Some lenders may fund you, but not more than $300 or lesser. However, if you want an emergency cash loan up to $1,000 with a poor or a bad credit score on the same day of application, then you can apply to one of the most trusted direct lenders- CashAmericaToday!
We do not perform a credit check to give you a guaranteed instant approval on your online application. You also do not have to worry about having a low income level. We offer installment loans like 3-month repayment term for better flexibility. Apply for a cash advance now, forget what credit score you have!

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