Truth Behind Direct Online Installment Loan Lenders and Third Party Lenders

Truth Behind Direct Online Installment Loan Lenders and Third Party LendersFinancial emergencies are inevitable in life and not having enough money to cover up unforeseen expenses is quite a common occurrence. However, online installment loans can be a life saver when you need cash instantly with minimum loan requirements. Searching for a dependable installment loans direct lender from the sea of lenders in the lending market is a daunting task to many. Moreover, there are two types of lenders- direct lenders and third party lenders. At times, third party cash loan lenders or lending agents pose as direct lenders and lack of understanding the distinction between the two can hinder the lending process. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with the differences between a genuine direct cash advance lenders and shady lenders who may take undue advantage of your personal information.

Direct Installment Loan Lenders

Direct lenders are the lending companies that lend direct deposit online installment loans to you directly on an agreement that you will repay the whole loan responsibly.  They operate through both storefronts and websites. A direct lender is the one who receives your application form, verifies it, approves, transfers money to your authorized account, and debits payment on due date. Moreover, direct lenders promoting clear lending process, levy no application charges, no hidden costs, no extra costs, etc. The best part is, they do not involve any intermediaries and thus do not divulge your sensitive information to third parties.

Measurable advantages with Direct Lenders:-

  • Single and direct lending source throughout the process
  • No application charges
  • All rates are upfront and there are no hidden fees or extra costs
  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions
  • Affordable, as there is no brokerage or agent fees involved
  • Uncomplicated and direct communication between you and the lender
  • Your private information is secure and not shared with third parties

Third Party Online Installment Loan Lenders

A third party lender is not an actual lender but a lending agent or middleman, connecting the borrower and the lender. To put it simply, a third party lender is a loan matching service company with its own website where consumers can apply for an installment loan. The agent will not offer you a loan directly; the loan processing through such companies involve lending network. Once the borrower fills out the application form and submits it online, the lending mediator sends the borrower information to the various actual lenders over the network. For facilitating the process, the agent is paid a service fee. Although there is no problem applying through third party lenders, you may not expect speedy funding service. Since fast money is what you need in times of financial emergencies, forwarding your details to each and every lender and waiting for approval is a time consuming process. Besides, they do charge brokerage fee for the service. Thus, it is not an affordable or convenient option.

Thus, if applying for no credit check installment loan is the only viable option for you, know the kind of installment loan lender you are dealing with before you share your vital information. This may not only help you avoid trouble, but also speed up the loan process.

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