Top Five Reasons to Choose Installment Loans

Top Five Reasons to Choose Installment LoansIf you are experiencing some financial difficulties and searching for a better way to gain some extra cash, you may have well thought-out Installment loans. These loans are easy to get and can be repaid in regular installments over a fixed period. If car repairs, home renovation, utility bills, funding children’s education, medical expenses, etc. are your unexpected reasons for cash need, then Installment loans are the surest financial solution.

Listed below are the top five reasons that installment loans are a better choice:

1. Flexible Repayment schedule

Unlike other loans, you need not pay back the loan amount in one go. Installment loans offer the convenience of fixed schedule of payments to be paid off on exact due date, easing the burden of paying in lump sum. In addition, these loans render the flexibility to choose longer repayment term which can lower the monthly payments greatly or shorter repayment term that decreases the final amount to be repaid.

2. Helps improve your Credit Score

Payment history of your any loan has its direct influence, good or bad, on your credit score because approximately 35% of your credit score is established on your payment history. Untimely payment of loan can impact your credit score badly. Fortunately, there is an easy way to raise your score gradually. Paying off your installment repayments on time can positively impact your credit score. A track record of steady payments throughout the loan tenure is much more advantageous than repaying the loan early. Besides, a healthy credit score can increase your chances of getting loan next time.

3. No credit checks are run

Traditional lending systems such as banks and credit unions run a credit check. They instantly turn off the loan request in case of unsatisfactory credit report on your part. In contrast, there are no credit checks run by the installment loan lender and this feature makes these loans very popular and easy to obtain. As long as you demonstrate a steady income, lenders are happy to offer you a loan.

4. Get rid of payday traps

Payday loans are, ultimately, interest only loans. Each time you make a payment, the loan balance remains unchanged because you pay just the interest. These loans come with higher interest rates and over time can lead to debt beyond your affordability to pay off. Thus, you get stuck in a debt cycle. You can avoid this payday trap by choosing installment loans. If you pay off the installment loan by opting for a short term of repayment, you can save on interest. Besides, as you are well-informed on the loan amount due, it becomes easy to plan your budget accordingly and avoid payday trap.

5. Speedy loan processing and fund transfer

Installment loans are easily available and convenient to apply online. The loan processing is absolutely fax less and hence there is not much mundane documentation involved. It takes just few minutes to fill out the application and get informed on the loan approval status online. Upon being approved the loan, the amount is immediately transferred to your agreed checking account. You can expect your cash, usually on the very next business day.

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