Certain situations demand immediate measures and financial emergency is one such type. You may approach conventional lenders for loans during crisis but if you are seeking same day funding then alternative lending options are the best. With the lending market infused with countless lenders, you should weigh your options carefully. If you cannot afford to pay back your loan in lump sum, as is the case with payday loans, online installment loans are ideal. An installment loan is a simple loan that is repaid with a fixed number of regular payments over time. This online loan is good for you because it comes with easy loan processing, no hassles, simple requirements, and flexible repayments.

Check for the below features that make getting installment loans on the same day, possible.

Direct Lender: When you apply for an installment loan with a lending network, your loan request goes through multiple lenders and hence it takes a great deal of time to get approval. However, when you apply with direct lender online for installment loans, the process is fast with no involvement of intermediaries, agents or brokers. Besides, it is free from annoyance of numerous possible installment lenders that compete to offer you a loan.

Online Process: With online process, you need not have to leave the comfort of your home. The online application that is accessible 24/7, offers the greater convenience and privacy. The form is comparatively short and takes just few minutes to fill out. In addition, there are no added hassles of printing, scanning and faxing. Thus, online process saves you time and money.

Fast Lender Approval: The whole approval process is easy and quick. A respective loan representative directly reviews your loan request and hence approves your loan request within minutes of applying. This increases the possibility of getting funds quickly.

No Documentation: Conventional lenders require you to fill out a loan application form and fax documentation, supporting the status of one’s identity or employment. If the loan applicant does not own a fax machine, this may delay the loan process, still further. However, installment loans are devoid of cumbrous paperwork. Such entirely paperless transactions speed up the approval process, ensuring the fastest delivery of funds to you.

Electronic Transfer of Funds: Installment loans are devoid of checks. Upon approval of the loan request, the cash is transferred electronically via ACH to your authorized bank account.  Thus, your account is credited with money in minutes. Besides, the repayments are automatic too. Meaning, you need not write a check to pay off your loan. The electronic transfer of funds makes it for fast funding.