Are Payday Loans Expensive?

More than any other kind of financing, small cash loans are borrowed by more people. Because financial emergencies are more common. Payday loans have been the most favored loan option traditionally because of their speed, simplified application process and lack of focus on credit scores. Although these are some of the benefits they provide to debtors, some borrowers find the funding an expensive option.

If a product is expensive can be determined by its value for money. At the same time, the funding source of payday loans also matters.

If we see the popularity of cash advances, then it is clearly preferred by many- especially from the low income groups and they believe that payday advances are really helpful. On the other hand, many people also complain that some lenders charge very high APR (annual percentage rate) which is interest + fees and costs. This is sometimes because people choose third party lenders with hidden fees and high interest rates. A loan from direct lenders like CashAmericaToday costs less.

What Is the Average Interest Rate On a Payday Loan?

As we just said, depending on the lender, the cost of a payday loan may vary. However, what is the rate of payday loans in general? A payday loan’s interest rate can vary between states apart from lenders. Therefore, it is not possible to give it an exact figure. However, the APR rates can go between 390 and 780%. The amount of cash and repayment term -either two weeks or a month- also matter. If you are borrowing from CashAmericaToday, then our rate would be more towards the lower limit. For cash up to $1,000, we give 3 months extended term with no extra fees. Apply now

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