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Borrowing money is not easy always. Although banks lend the money directly, the challenging application process, tough underwriting necessities and prolonged approval time and funds transfer make it for an inconvenient lending choice. Consequently, many customers end up availing funds from instant approval payday loan lenders. However, the lending process with online installment loans direct lender is devoid of such complexity that is usually coupled with borrowing from banks. Moreover, it involves no unfavorable lending conditions associated with payday loans. With direct lender installment loans, you get the flexibility to spread out your repayments over a longer term instead of paying back in lump sum, as is the case with payday loans. There is no obligation on the use of installment loans from direct lenders. You can use these for paying utility bills, car repairs, home renovation, funding college tuition, etc.


There are many installment loan lenders in the market and choosing the right online lender is essential for a risk-free borrowing. Cash America Today, as a dependable direct lender, understands the urgency of borrowing and values the borrower’s time. Therefore, to help the borrower deal with his or her financial crisis, it provides a fast and easy installment loans over a secure online platform. Besides, it offers installment loans on relaxed eligibility criteria making it convenient for the customers to apply in minutes and get cash on the same day.


Know a responsible installment loan direct lender from an agent or broker.

An agent or broker does not make any loan offer. The broker just pulls in your data and researches for suitable lenders for you based on your specific loan requirements. This loan matching service involves a brokerage fess too. Even though introduced by the broker, the direct lender ultimately lends you the money. A direct lender is the lending company that provides installment loans directly to you on an agreement that you will pay back responsibly to the same. Besides, direct lending is devoid of application charges. Direct lenders of installment loans promote a clear lending process with no hidden fees and no extra costs.

Advantages of Direct Lender Installment Loans

  • Lending terms, rates and fees are stated upfront
  • Transparent lending makes for a trustworthy borrowing experience
  • Single lending source that is devoid of huge network of lenders
  • Ease of borrowing with online application and direct deposit of funds
  • No annoyance from third party since there are no intermediaries involved
  • No agent fees applicable, as direct lending is not a loan matching service
  • Straightforward communication between you and the lender
  • A prompt response from the direct lender is guaranteed
  • Customer information is safe and not divulged to third parties

These are the host of reasons, why getting an online loan from a direct lender is reliable, safe, simple, quick and effortless. Avail direct lender installment loan now for a reliable financial security in times of crisis.

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