We care for the security of your personal information.

We at CashTodayAmerica respect your trust in us. We understand your privacy concerns while you apply for online loans with us. Hence, we take utmost care to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized third party access. Find out more to stay informed while borrowing loans online.

Red flags to look out:

Few of our customers have been scam targets of late; they have reported receiving calls and emails from fraudsters impersonating CashTodayAmerica. So, do not fall victim to scam tactics by fake lenders or collection agents. We employ data security tools of highest standards to secure your data. However, we advise you to follow certain security tips given below to avoid scammers taking undue advantage of your valuable information and hard-earned money.

  • Never trust a lending source that asks you to pay in advance for a loan. It could be an advance-fee loan scam because authentic lenders never demand upfront payment or fees to process your loan request
  • Never disclose your personal details to someone asking for your prepaid debit card info if you are not sure of the source or person contacting you for the same. It is an absolute fraud
  • Do not respond to any unsolicited payment reminder- email or call and do not send cash to sources that ask you to transfer payment dues via wire transfers or prepaid debit cards if you do not remember borrowing from them. It could be a debt collection scam
  • Do not make any payments if the source over the phone refuses to confirm your original loan details or if the amount they ask you to pay differs from what you exactly owe.
Beware of phony loan approvals or confirmations.

Remember that CashTodayAmerica is a legitimate direct lender online and not a lending network, loan broker or collection agent. We neither threaten our customers by calling them in the name of debt collection nor do we send out emails requesting for personal information. Besides, our loan application is freely accessible and we do not ask for any processing fee to approve your request for online cash loan. Therefore, play caution not to disclose any of your private information to someone communicating with you as our affiliates.

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