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Truth In Lending

Federal Truth in Lending Act (T.I.L.A) Disclosure

Regulation B in Federal Law prohibits the consideration of Age, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, or Handicap as a basis for making anyone a loan (as in our cash advance program). CashAmericaToday, through its website does not discriminate based on any of these factors. In addition CashAmericaToday will not enter into or maintain vendor/reciprocal information service type relationships with anyone who does not conform to these anti-discriminatory practices.

Regulation Z in Federal Law requires the full disclosure of all costs and terms associated with any credit purchase or transaction (such as this cash advance) and further requires that the costs associated with the transaction be expressed as an annual percentage rate of interest or A.P.R. Below all costs, terms and rates associated with the CashAmericaToday are given.

* I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy of this loan. All loans financed by CashAmericaToday