Payday Loan for a WeekAs the name suggests, a payday loan is meant to be repaid on your next consecutive pay date, which means that the maximum amount of time one can take this loan for is a month. But does that mean that one can take this loan exactly for a period of 31 days? The answer is no and you shall soon find out why.

Repayment Terms of Payday Loans:

The repayment terms of payday loans are simple. Once you borrow such a loan, you shall be liable to repay it on your next salary date in lump-sum. How will the lender come to know what date your salary is due on? They ask for your monthly income statement through which they figure out when your salary is due. If your income statement proves that it is a stable one and that you receive your salary around the same date every month, they shall approve your request for a payday loan.

There are many circumstances that prove that payday loans do not always have to be repaid exactly 30-31 days after a borrower receives one:

  • A payday loan, can be taken by a borrower at any time during the month, and not necessarily on the first date of that month. After all, a borrower decides to apply for a loan only when in absolute desperation and such a situation can arise at absolutely anytime. Therefore, say for example a borrower applies for a payday loan on the 15th of September ’21, s(he) will still have to repay the loan on the 1st of october’20 if that’s when he usually receives his salary. That’s just a gap of 16 days from receiving to repaying.
  • In the case that a borrower applies for a payday loan just 7 days before his next salary arrives, he is liable to repay his lender not on the next immediate pay date but on the one after that. Such a borrower gets the advantage of having t repay his payday loan more than a month later.
  • If a borrower wishes to repay his loan well in advance, that’d an option too.

When talking about whether a borrower can repay a payday loan just a week after receiving it, the answer is yes. Repaying your loan beforehand isn’t an issue at all. As long as your lender is getting his money back, there will be no problem with you repaying your loan well in advance.

Will My ROI Reduce?

Whether you repay your pay day loan on the due date or in advance, your ROI will most likely remain the same. In fact, even if you take a payday loan and a few hours later decide that you do not need it and decide to repay it immediately, your lender will still charge you with interest.

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