Do Payday Loan Lenders Offer Installment and Revolving Loans as Well?

Payday Loan Lenders Offer Installment A typical payday loan is neither installment nor revolving. As the name suggests, a payday loan is one that is required to be paid back on the borrower’s following payday or in other words, the very next salary day. However, many lenders today allow an extension if the salary day is less than a week away which then requires the borrower to repay them on the pay date after the first consecutive one.

A payday loan is also required to be repaid in lump sum, unlike installment loans wherein one pays back his debt in parts over a few given months.

There are however, a few lenders who offer payday loans with terms similar to those of installment or revolving loans which this article shall address as you read on.

Let’s now go through a brief summary of what an installment loan is:

Installment loans are debts offered by traditional and direct lenders that are supposed to be repaid in parts over time. Long term installment loans are usually offered by traditional lenders, the repayment of which takes a couple of years or more. Also, these loans take longer to get approved than those given by direct lenders.

A direct lender on the other hand will offer installment loans that give benefits similar to those of payday loans. Many such lenders these days, offer both, leaving the choice to their borrowers about which one suits them better. These loans are often termed as installment payday loans since they are transferred as quickly as a payday loan is, but can be repaid over a couple of months on the dates fixed by the lender.

What are revolving loans?

The concept of revolving loans offers a specified sum of money to a borrower, which can be withdrawn whenever he/she feels the need to, during a specific time period. Examples of revolving loans are credit cards and lines of credit. These loans aren’t offered by direct lenders and are majorly given by traditional lenders such as banks.

What can be concluded is that some payday loan lenders can offer their loans with terms similar to those of installment loans, which helps borrowers repay their loan with lesser stress on their shoulders. However, revolving loans can be availed from traditional lenders but not all of them offer the same due to reasons such as poor credit scores that borrowers may have.

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