In an earlier blog post, we have discussed how to get a loan quickly when in an emergency. Many people today, are either unable or unwilling to maintain savings enough to tackle urgent unforeseen cash needs and not every urgent need can be fully covered by one’s savings, insurance policies, salary and other such sources. This brings the need for understanding and preparation in terms of readiness to get a speedy cash advance.

Keep a List of Trusted Sources Handy

Cash advances by design are intended to be quick and easy to both apply and receive. These are short term loans of limited or predetermined amounts that come with easier terms of service. However, not all cash advances are equal and neither are all sources of cash advances similarly trustworthy.

Cash advances can be available to a borrower in these main forms:

  1. Credit Card Cash Advances: These are small amount loans available to credit card holders who have an available limit yet to spare. A cash advance of this sort is typically a percentage of the available credit limit. People without a credit card or without ample limit still left in their credit card would not have access to such a loan. If such a loan is available to you, all you shall need to apply for is would in most cases either be your credit card or the internet-based banking system linked to your credit card. These loans are normally instant and feature a fee and a compounding interest as dictated in your credit card terms.
  2. Direct Lender Cash Advances: These include payday and installment loans from non-bank direct lenders, with whom you may or may not have a previous relationship. The advantage here is that one need not have a good credit score or a credit card to be able to apply for these loans. These loans have a higher interest rate than a credit card cash advance due to the higher risks being involved in the arrangement. However, given that the law only permits simple interest to be charged, in shorter terms, these loans can be less expensive that the APRs may seem to indicate.
  3. Mortgage Broker or Loan Matching Service for Cash Advances: Not the speediest option, mortgage brokers and loan matching services act as an intermediary between direct lenders and borrowers. While costs may rise due to the presence of a third party, the advantage may play out if you’re unsure about the services of a lender but are sure about that of the agent.
  4. Cash Advance Phone Apps: Many had bet on this being the next big thing in the lending market. However, due to various factors, lending apps never seemed to have gained a momentum that was expected. Nonetheless, there are certain apps that seem to be growing. We shall update this article once a prominent example gains our trust.

Knowing these options are important for people who’d like to stay ready for getting speedy cash advances in times of needs. It’s advisable to keep a list of available and trustworthy options ready for reference during times of emergencies. We at CashAmericaToday are amongst the most trusted direct lenders of cash advances who operate via a fully online platform and help borrowers address their needs with a variety of flexible repayment options.

Know if you’re Eligible for a Pre-Approved Loan

Some borrowers are eligible for pre-approved loans. Probably the speediest reliable ways to get funds at a time of need are these pre-approved loans. In simple terms, these are loans amounts already approved for you, which you simply need to apply for, in order to receive. It is hence important to know if you’re eligible for one or not. Here are three pre-approved loans you may be eligible for, that you might wish to keep track of:

  1. Pre-Approved Cash Advance for CashAmericaToday: We keep track of our repeat visitors. If you’ve already borrowed from us and repaid your loan on time, it stays in our records. You shall be pre-approved for a loan if your income source and contact details remain the same. If your income permits it, a loan amount of as high as $1000 shall be available to you when you are a returning applicant.
  2. Pre-Approved Credit Card Loans: Credit card loans are similar to credit card cash advances in that they need the same prerequisites. However, the loans – when offered – tend to have higher limits.
  3. Pre-Approved Bank Loans: If you already have a loan account with a bank and have recently closed or are about to close a loan, you may have a pre-approved loan offered from the bank. Knowing this can be useful for such times.

Keep Details and Documents Ready

Staying prepared for a transaction of borrowing money is an important part of the attempt to get a speedy cash loan. Various sources may have varying requirements in terms of details and documents and here we share what we at CashAmericaToday require as you apply for a cash advance from us:

  1. Your SSN
  2. A proof of identity (E.g. driver’s license, passport)
  3. Valid contact details
  4. Proof of income from the past 3 months
  5. Bank/checking account details

Apply for a Trusted Direct Lender Cash Advance Online for Speedy Service

As you prepare for receiving speedy services of cash advances, we would like to suggest you to keep our link bookmarked in your records. At CashAmericaToday, we take pride in being a leading online direct lender of short term unsecured personal loans, constantly working towards quicker and easier processes to ensure every need and expectation of our valued customers are met by us. Here is the link to our loan application page, through which you can apply for a payday or installment cash advance completely online.

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