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Glossary - Financial Terms

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What is an APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

Annual Percentage Rate includes the rate of interest and other fees charged on a sum borrowed. It is calculated annually by taking into account the total amount borrowed, all the fees associated with the transaction and the time period for which the loan has been taken. Read more about APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

What is Bad Debt?

Bad Debt is that amount of money that has been lent to a person, but can no more be recovered because either the debtor has become bankrupt or has some financial inability to pay or it cannot be collected due to some other reasons. Read more about Bad Debt

What is Bankruptcy?

It is a legal term to define the state of a person or business in which they are not able to repay their outstanding debts. In this process, various entities, usually the ones who cannot pay back their debts, file a petition in the court, demanding relief from their debts. Read more about Bankruptcy

What is a Budget?

Budget is the estimation of revenues and expenses for a definite period of time in the future. It is used by individuals, families, businesses, companies, governments and various other organizations to measure their plans and activities for that specific period of time, in monetary terms. Read more about Budget

What is a cash advance?

Cash Advance is a short term loan taken from banks or any other lenders. These have very high interest rates or fees, but still, look enticing to the borrowers because of its quick approval and easy funding. Read more about cash advance

What is a Checking Account?

Checking Account is a bank account where customers can deposit or withdraw money through checks, ATMs, or debit cards. Using this account, online payments and transfers can also be made through internet banking or mobile banking. Read more about Checking Account

What is a collection agency?

Collection Agency is an entity that is used by the lenders for recovering their past unpaid debts. These agencies are hired only after the lender has made several attempts to recover their debts, but has failed. Read more about collection agency

What is a credit bureau?

Credit Bureau is an agency that collects and researches credit information of various individuals and sells it in return of a fee to the creditors. Such information from the credit bureaus enable the creditors to take fair decisions while granting loans. Read more about credit bureau

What Is a Credit Check?

Credit Check is a process where a creditor or a lender looks at the information from your credit score, in order to understand your financial behavior. They do not need your permission to check your credit report as this generally takes place when you have applied for a loan from a lender. Read more about Credit Check

What is Credit Counseling?

Credit counseling is a process where debtors are assisted with debt settlement by providing basic financial education on money management by a non-profit organization known as a credit counselor. Read more about Credit Counseling

What is a Credit History?

Credit history is a record of all the debts and repayments of a borrower. These records are then further used to determine the credit score of a borrower that tells about his/ her ability to repay debts. Read more about Credit History

What is a Credit Limit?

A Credit limit is the maximum amount of a line of credit that a financial institution extends to a borrower. It is also the maximum amount of money that can be spent by you with your credit card. Read more about Credit Limit

What is a Credit Report and a Credit Score?

A credit report is a statement that takes an account of all the information regarding your past credit activities and your present credit handling status. Read more about Credit Report and a Credit Score

What is Credit?

Credit is a contractual agreement where one party lends a certain amount of money to the other party, on the basis of trust. In this process, the borrowers agree to repay it on a future date to their lenders. Read more about Credit

What Is Creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is a term that describes how worthy a borrower is to repay and receive a line of credit. Lenders look at your creditworthiness before approving you for loans. Read more about Creditworthiness

What is Debt Avalanche?

There are the two most famous types of accelerated debt payoff plans – Debt Avalanche and Debt Snowball. In debt avalanche, once the debt with highest interest rates or Annual Percentage Rates are paid off and the leftover money is spent on the next highest interest-bearing loan. Read more about Debt Avalanche

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a process of debt refinancing, in which all your bills are merged into one single debt that is paid back through a loan or even by a management program. It comes with a lower interest rate and reduces your total debt in a way that you can pay it off faster. Read more about Debt Consolidation

What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a process where the debt amount is reduced and is considered as the final settlement, along with the agreement of both the debtor and the creditor. Read more about Debt Settlement

What is a Debt Trap?

A debt trap is a situation where borrowers find it impossible to pay back their debts because of high interest rates. It becomes a cycle of re-borrowing for the borrowers as they keep on rolling over the due dates and repayments. Read more about Debt Trap

What Is Debt?

Debt is the amount of money owed by one party to another party. Here, the parties are generally known as debtor and creditor, i.e., the party that owes the amount is the debtor and the party who lends the amount is the creditor or lender. Read more about Debt

What is Debtor?

A debtor is an entity that owes money to another entity called the creditor. For example, if you borrow an amount of money from Mr. A, then you are a borrower or debtor and Mr. A is the creditor or lender. Read more about Debtor

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Applying Does NOT Affect Your Credit Score

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