Holiday loans – or what may be called as seasonal loans, Easter loans, Christmas loans (as we have titled ours) – have seen a growing demand for the past 11 years. Studies and surveys have revealed a great deal of information, which some experienced and service oriented direct lenders choose to analyze for a better understanding of trends and demands.

Holidays tend to be seasons for purchases – from new phones to new home appliances, new pets, a new family car and endless other items undergo a growth in demand in the holiday seasons. Today, we summarize our key takeaways from the information we receive through studies and surveys, which we believe can help our borrowers make healthy decisions, more easily.

Borrowing loans does have an expense attached to it, and depending on the borrower’s credit score, this expense may vary vastly. Nonetheless, most borrowers who opt for holiday loans tend to find value in the added expense and data easily shows that it is a combination of emotional and logical inputs that establishes this value in the borrower’s perspective.

Holiday-LoansReasons for the Popularity of Holiday Loans

Now we dig into our data and share what’s relevant to this article. Here are few of the most important reasons why people choose holiday loans for purchases.

Keeping up the Holiday Spirit, without using Savings

A vast number of borrowers simply do not have the habit to and/or feel the need to maintain a certain amount of savings. This is a rather recent trend – borrowing having become more safe, reliable and convenient, has led to savings becoming less relevant in many people’s opinion.

But when savings are not available and the income isn’t enough to support a fulfilling celebration, how can one keep up the holiday spirit in a world that is centered on capitalistic ideals? The simplest solution for this, is to borrow money.

A typical American however, chooses not to borrow from friends or family – apart from being unreliable and complicated in many ways, it’s an easy way to damage relationships and one’s own status. Instead, a loan or debt product is chosen by most. This could be a credit card loan, an installment loan, a payday loan or a traditional personal loan.

However, direct lender loans remain convenient and readily available, and lenders that offer Holiday loans (irrespective of the nomenclature), tend so see a sharp rise of demand during relevant seasons.

Probability of Saving Money on Limited Period Deals and Seasonal Offers

Some deals that a local or online store or service provider may offer during a holiday season, could simply be ridiculously valuable. Has there ever been a time when you chose to spend money you didn’t have, on something you really wished to possess, simply because you doubted if such an offer would ever be available again? Well, most of us at CashAmericaToday agree that we have.

When borrowers fin that the deal is (or seems) more valuable to them than the added expense that comes with borrowing, choosing to take the deal and borrowing money for it becomes a simpler decision to make.

The Influence of Marketing

From offers of products and services to attractive lending deals, marketing and advertising for almost everything is at its peak during the seasons and just before the start of the season. Most of it, is thoughtfully curated to be convincing and persuasive. Many borrowers are influenced by such marketing and advertising campaigns, and choosing to borrow money can be a result of the marketing campaign associated to one or more holiday loans or an indirect result of the marketing influence that a desired product or service may have had, for acquiring which, the individual chose to borrow a loan.

The Satisfaction of a Child

Oftentimes, it is not us that we make an expensive decision for – it’s our child. Enough research has been done for this not be a surprising fact at all. Satisfying the demands and hopes of a kid – especially our own kid – gives a great deal of peace and positivity and failing to do so can be devastatingly disheartening and at times can threaten the rapport with the kid.

A large number of borrowers choosing a holiday loan, make this decision to fulfil a demand or desire of their child.

Holiday Borrowing for Bad Credit Score Holders

While borrowing for holiday expenditures – especially purchases – is a growing trend, many borrowers (approximately 50%) in the US, do not have a great credit score. The option readily available for borrowers with bad credit scores, is to choose a reliable and trustworthy direct lender that provides loans to bad credit score holders. At CashAmericaToday, we provide loans to borrowers with credit scores as poor as 300.

The Easiest Reliable Holiday Loan Online

Whether suffering from a bad credit score, or in a hurry to get a loan approved, knowing about a reliable lending service gives confidence and a sense of security, especially to those who aren’t the best at managing savings.

The Christmas Loan from CashAmericaToday is a reliable and easy online loan product available to borrowers during all holiday seasons and all it takes to get the loan process started, is a simple 3-minute application form.

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